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Open .pages file in windows

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With everyone working within their personal work environment, we've been send a lot of different files in different formats. Even though most of them are quite standardizes nowadays, even between Apples OSX and Microsoft's Windows some file formats can be hard to open.

Today I came across a .pages file which is surprisingly easy to open.

  1. Rename the .pages file using Windows Explorer's rename function by right-clicking the file. Change the .pages to a .zip extension.
  2. You will be prompted a warning. Continue regardless.
  3. Open the .zip file. If you're using Windows 7 or a later version of windows this will work by simply double-clicking. If you're running Windows XP, you might have to download a software to open zip files first.
  4. Within the zip file you will find a "QuickLook" folder. Double click it.
  5. In the "QuickLook" folder you will find a preview.pdf holding the entire content of your .pages file. From there you can even copy & paste which is helpful if you want to copy the content into your clients website for example.

A relatively simple trick. Hope it helps.

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Philipp Schöfer

Philipp Schöfer

Philipp has been working in web development since more than 10 years and runs is own web development company. Feel free to get in touch with Phil if you want to hire him for your project or you want to chat about the latest.

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